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I entertain guests by appointment only, in my rural Escondido home.  I am usually available Monday through Friday 9am to 7pm, and on Saturday 9am to 4pm.  On the major holidays I am generally NOT available.  Outside of those hours my phone will be turned off. If you contact me outside of  my available hours, I will contact you back when I turn my phone back on.  If you call me after 9pm, and/or before 6am, your call or text will be deleted, and I will not be contacting you in return.  That shows a lack of respect for me, which is something I don't care for at all.  I work through my voicemail, so if you call me you should expect to leave a message and get a return call. If we have met before, you may contact me via text or email, rather than wait for a return phone call.  If we haven't met before, please leave a voicemail that includes your name, when you'd like to visit, and for how long you'd like to visit.  


@mizzdiana4u on Instagram

@MizzDiana (Diana Bonet) on Venmo


I will be unavailable on the following dates:
Monday, June 12 through Monday, June 19
Thursday, September 7 through Thursday, September 14

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