If you would like to visit me, you will need to make an appointment.  Same day appointments are always available, if my time allows.  I am available to accept calls, and entertain guests Monday through Friday 9am to 7pm, and Saturday 9am to 4pm.  These times are set in stone, especially my end of day times.  Outside of these hours my phone is turned off, and I'm enjoying my personal time.  If you call me outside of my available hours, your call will be returned the next time I turn on my phone, so make sure to tell me if that won't be convenient for you.   Calls and texts that are received between 9pm and 7am will be deleted, along with calls or texts from blocked or restricted numbers.  If I am unavailable during the hours that I'm scheduled to be available, it means that I am already committed, or in rare instances I have a doctor, dentist, or other professional  appointment.  I'm am generally not available on major holidays (New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day). 

If it is our first time meeting, you should call me from an unblocked personal phone, leave a voicemail and wait for a return call.  If you want to contact me via text or email for our first meeting, you will need to provide at least 2 references.  References are the names and contact information for other providers that can vouch for you.  If you cannot provide that information, you will need to call me instead of texting or emailing.  Unfortunately, for my safety, I cannot make any exceptions to this rule.

If we have met before, you can contact me via telephone, text, or email, provided that your current contact information matches up with the contact information you used for our previous meeting.

My contact information is:

Cell Phone:  760-474-3094

Cell Phone:  760-522-1565

Email:  mizzdiana4u@gmail.com

Texting is reserved for friends I've already made.  If we haven't met, please call instead

My hourly rates: