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If we have not previously met in person, please call me from an unblocked personal phone, leave a voicemail, and wait for a return call.  PLEASE DO NOT CALL MORE THAN ONCE!!  ALL MY PHONE NUMBERS GO TO THE SAME VOICEMAIL, SO REPEADED CALLS ARE NOT NECESSARY!  I cannot accept calls from anonymous sources, like google voice or hotel landlines; in other words, anonymous strangers will not be invited to my home.  If you prefer to contact me via email or text, please provide the names and contact information for at least 2 other providers that can vouch for you.  I will reach out to them, and after they have given me the necessary information, I will contact you again.  Without references, please call me from an unblocked telephone, leave a voicemail and wait for a return call.  I may randomly request references at my discretion.  If we have met before, the only way for me to verify that is if you can give me the telephone number that you contacted me from in the past.  Without having that information, you will have to proceed as if you are new to me.  So, if you have changed your telephone number since we met in the past, please call me instead of texting, so that I can verify you.


If we are meeting for the first time, I will ask you to go to a specific address that is approximately 1.5 miles from my home.  (2300 N. Broadway, Escondido 92026)  You should arrive there 10 minutes before our planned time together.  Please do not arrive much before that, because I will generally not be able to have you arrive before out planned time.  Once you arrive at that location, you will call me, and I will give you my actual address.  Due to this method of protection, taking an Uber, or riding a bicycle, or even walking are not viable options to visit me.  My home is in an upscale slightly isolated neighborhood, so discretion is a must.  If you cannot follow these protocols, we cannot proceed.

Once you have arrived at my home, please park in the driveway, and proceed to the white door that is directly in front of the driveway.  I will unlock that door about 10 minutes prior to our agreed upon time, so when you arrive you can just walk in through that door.  You will see my "kitty" on the left as you enter.  Take a moment to "feed the kitty", BEFORE I ENTER THE ROOM PLEASE.  It is not appropriate to make me ask for the donation.  PLEASE BRING EXACT CHANGE.  I do not keep much cash in my home, for obvious reasons.  I cannot provide "change back", so anything over the donation amount will be considered a tip.

It is very important that you arrive on time because I have a very active lifestyle, and delays can be costly for both of us.  I will not be able to allow for extra time to make up for your tardiness.  If you have not arrived or contacted me by 10 minutes past our agreed upon time, I will lock the door and move on.  If you fail to show up at all, I will not plan on entertaining you again, unless you compensate me for my time that you wasted.  That compensation will need to be through Venmo or an Amazon gift card.

Once you are comfortably situated inside my home, I will join you, and we can begin our adventure.  I will ask you to excuse yourself to the restroom first thing, to wash your hands and freshen up if necessary.  The restroom will be fully stocked with everything necessary to assure that you are ready for your time together.  There is a shower available as well.



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