References to provide to me:

If you are planning to contact me via any other method than by telephone, I will ask you for TWO references.  I will expect you to give me their name, how to contact them, and how they will recognize you.  I will actually contact the ladies, and trust their judgement.   I will make no exceptions to this rule, so if you don't have references, you should call me on the telephone.



References I will provide:

If you need a reference so you can visit another provider, I am always happy to provider that informaiton.  Just ask her to call me and provide your first name and telephone number.  But, please remember that I will give the other lady all the pertinent information, including if we have had any problems.  I will never keep any important information from them.  Also, if we haven't seen each other in over a year, I will suggest to the lady that she ask for someone who has seen you more recently.


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If you are priviledged enough to have a texting number for me, please DO NOT USE THAT NUMBER TO PROVIDE FOR A REFERENCE!  That number is my personal cell number, and it is NOT for public use.