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The only thing I don’t like about what I do for a living is being disrespected.  I respect myself way too much to allow anyone else to disrespect me.  If you make a commitment with me, and fail to show up; and don’t even bother to call, then you have disrespected me, and I will not waste another moment of my time on you, except to advise every other provider that I know, about your behavior;

and I know a LOT of providers!


I feel sorry for you, if you have enough extra time tthat you can  waste time making

appointments you don't intent to keep.  I've been around for awhile, and I'm pretty saavy,

so I can usually figure out that you're not really planning to show up, and I usually don't even bother to get ready, because it's pretty hard to fool me.  I'm probably smarter than you.    


This also applies to cancelling our date a few minutes before you're supposed to be here.  The only way that you will be able to repair that rift will be for you to send me an Amazon gift card valued at $100 with the claim code exposed.  I do not make exceptions to this policy.  If you have some dire emergency, then prompt communication is a must.  Now, I’m not naïve enough to think that you guys can always make a phone call, without upsetting your life, but if you wait until you want to make another date with me, and then call me, as if nothing has happened; I’m certain that I won’t want

to bother making plans with you again.  


If you disrespect another provider, and I find out about it, that will pretty much end our relationship as well.  I cannot see any reason for hobbyists to treat any provider with anything except

the utmost amount of respect.  If you don’t feel that way, then

perhaps you should stay home and masturbate.

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