If we have not met before, you will need to leave me your frist name and telephone number on my voicemail, and once I have verified that you are safe, I will call you back. You must have a telephone that you can answer when I call.  I will always return phone calls, except if you've asked me to call by a certain time, and I cannot accomodate that; or if your verification comes back negatively; or if you have ever disrespected me.   If another lady has had a bad experience with you, don't expect me to want to see you.  If you have done somthing disrespectful to me in the past, I certainly won't entertain you again.  Since I entertain at my private residence, I would ask that you be courteous enough to follow these simple procedures.   After we have met, you are free to contact me via e-mail or text.  Please try to understand that it is uncomfortable to plan our date "right away", because I like to  be fresh and clean when you arrive.  Please dont' ask me for a date in less than 30 minutes, and in most cases an hour will be better.  One call to me is sufficient, there is no need to call over and over, you will ge the same response time from one call as from many.  I will call as soon as I'm able.  I can also plan as far ahead as necessary.

I like to take my time and enjoy myself during our session, as well as give you exactly what you are looking for, so I will assume we are going to be spending a full hour together, unless you tell me otherwise when we plan our meeting.  If you want to  stay for a half hour, the donation will be 100.  It is your responsibility to keep track of the time, because I'll be busy pleasuring you!  I am not a clock watcher, so if our 30 minute date lasts more than a few minutes more than a half hour, you should compensate me for a FULL HOUR date, which would be 150.  My full hour dates often go past 60 minutes, and I'm completely good with that, as long as I don't have other plans.  If you prefer to stay for a full 90 minutes, I offer that for a donation of only 200.  Please be courteous and mindful of the time, so as not to take advantage of a good thing.

I am obviously open minded, and I love to try new things, so feel free to tell me if there is something you feel like doing.  The two things you should not even ask me about is

BBFS and Greek.  Neither one of those things will ever be available, so it isn't necessary

to even ask.  I also would not like to do DATO on anyone, although if you enjoy doing that,

I'm fine with you doing it to me.  

Please refrain from being too rough or hurting me, because I am into pleasure, not pain.  I like to enjoy a soft sexual experience.  I don't care for any biting or hitting.  I have large and very sensitive nipples, so please be gentle with them!  If there is something you enjoy that is out of the ordinary, please ask before just doing it.  

It is NEVER appropriate to make a date with me and not show up, or to call a few minutes before we are supposed to meet to say you are not coming.  

I will always keep my committments, and I will expect you to do the same.  

If we mutually respect each other, we can have a lot of good times together!




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Due to the current COVID19 situation, I'm being a bit more conscientious about making sure we are not feeling under the weather, and that we've taken every precaution to be safe.  Other than that, it's business as usual, as I try to navigate this new world.

As always though, BBFS, Greek, waterworks, fetishes and S & M or B & D are never available with me.