Cleanliness Checklist bad breath 2 stink butt

DFK is so much more fund when everyone's breath smells clean and fresh!  Onions and garlic can make things a little unpleasant, if you're not careful!! Not

to mention good oral hygeine is a MUST!

The body is such a wonderful playground, unless BO takes over!

foot odors underarms stinks

It is important to make sure ALL of your body parts, especially the private ones are clean and free of odors.  If you want it near my face, please make sure it's CLEAN!

penis deodorant cologne

Deodorant is

always a good idea!

Please refrain from using a lot of cologne to mask odors, it actually just makes it very unpleasant!

It's important to make sure you are clean when we begin our session, so when I ask you to wash your hands in the restroom before we start, take a moment to make sure that every part of your body that you want to put near my face, nose or mouth is clean and fresh smelling!  I have plenty of supplies available for you in the restroom.  Just use common sense when getting ready for our playdate!

You should never put anything on your private parts, such as cologne, powder, desensitizer or anything else that might TASTE BAD!

butt 6

Don't let a bad odor in the back come between me and your balls!