MP = multiple pops = multiple releases

MSC = Market Street Cinema, San Francisco Strip Club

MSOG = multiple shots on goal = multiple releases

NCT = New Century Theatre, San Francisco Strip Club

non-pro = civilian, not a professional provider

NP = no problem

NSA = no strings attached

OP = original poster, original post

OWO = oral without condom

OWOTC = oral without condom to completion

P2P = private to private, typically uncovered, rubbing of penis with vagina without penetration

papasan = male manager of a massage parlor

party hat = condom

PIV = penis in vagina

PL = Pathetic Loser

PM = prostate massage or private message (inbox)

PO = phone operator (for making appointments)

PS = private show (Dance)

PSE = Porn Star Experience

PV = private viewing (Dance)

PYT = pretty young thing

RA = relaxation assistant, masseuse in a massage parlor

raincoat = condom

RB =

RBGFE = myRedBook's definintion of GFE


RBGFE+ = RBGFE + bonus, could be greek, cim, swallow

Reverse cowgirl = RCG = girl on top facing away

Reverse massage = you massage her

rimming = analingus

RMP = Russian Massage Parlor

ROB = Rip Off Bitch

Roman shower = vomit play

RPG = role playing games

Rub -N-Tug = Massage with a happy ending

Russian = penis rubbing between breasts = Pearl Necklace = titty fuck

SC = Strip Club

self-service = you masturbate

semi-pro = someone who escorts informally as a side business.

SF = San Francisco

SG = street girl

shill = an insider posing as a satisfied customer

SO = significant other

SOG = shot on goal = one release

SOMF = sat on my face

south of the border = gential region

southern france = BBBJ

SP = Service Provider

SPA = streetwalker stroll: San Pablo Avenue in Oakland, CA


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