I am in intimate companion and a mature woman, and I entertain my guests in my private home in rural Escondido.  I take good care of myself; I eat right and go to the gym every day.  I enjoy spending time with gentleman callers, and I love to give and receive pleasure.  I am a GFE; nothing more and nothing less.  I am always very respectful, and I expect the same respect in return.   I am completely comfortable with my life choices.  


My photos are 100% real.  I never use professional or retouched photos; and I never use Photo Shop to touch them up myself.  If you like my photos, then you’ll love me in person, because that is exactly who I am.  What you see if what you get.  I have not had any cosmetic surgeries, because I believe the human body is beautiful exactly the way it was made.  I am very comfortable in my skin.


My rural home is comfortable and discreet, and always well stocked with toiletries so that you can return to the outside world fresh a clean.  I always have hot towels available for after our rendezvous.  I want to make sure that you feel fabulous before, during and after out encounter.


My donations are always for time and companionship only; anything we do during our time together is a matter of our personal choices, and there is no charge for any of the activities we do together.  THE ONLY CHARGE IS FOR MY TIME.


I take my health and cleanliness seriously, and I expect you to do the same.  If I am sick or just not feeling well, I will not entertain company, and I certainly would expect you to decline a date if you're feeling poorly.  I visit my doctor on a regular basis, and I always make being healthy a

TOP PRIORITY, as we all should.  


I don’t play games, and I don’t appreciate people who do.  If we treat each

other with mutual respect, we can form a fabulous relationship that will

make us both happy.


DONATIONS:  100/30     150/60     200/90     300/120    450/180  


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