AAMP = Apartment Asian Massage Parlor. Based in a residential apartment instead of a commercial storefront.

ABC = american born chinese

ABJ = american born japanese

Agency = a company that manages calls, bookings, and advertising for a group of escorts.

AMP = Asian Massage Parlor. A retail establishment

staffed by Asians.

analingus = licking anus

AO = Asian Only. AO AMP = AMP servicing Asian clients only

Asian = analingus

Asian Cowgirl = girl on top, squatting

ASP = Adult Service Provider, or

alt.sex.prostitution newsgroup

ATF = all time favorite

ATM = ass to mouth = penis, toy,

finger goes from ass to mouth.

attempts = trying to orgasm

Aunt Flo = menstruation, period

B&S = bait and switch = person who shows up

is a different one than advertised

babyback = petite, young, attractive Asian

balloons = breast implants

BB = bareback = without condom

BJ = blowjob = oral sex = fellatio

BBBJ = bare back blow job = BJ without condom, beebeebeejay

BBBJTC = bare back blow job to completion (in mouth)

BBBJTCIM = bare back blow job to completion in mouth

BBBJTCNQNS = bare back blow job to completion, no quit, no spit

BBBJTCWS = bare back blow job to completion with swallow

BBBJWF = bare back blow job with facial

BBFS = bare back sex

BBK = big beautiful knockers

BBW = big beautiful woman

BCD = behind closed doors

BDSM = bondage, discipline, sado-masochism.

BF = boy friend

BFE = boy friend experience

birdwatching = BBBJTCWS

BLS = ball licking and sucking

Blue Jay = blow job

blue pill = Viagra

BNG = blow and go, 15 min session max, oral only

BSB = bus stop babe

butter face = everything looks good, 'but her' face

BTW = by the way

Camel Toe Slide - A form of sex without penetration

cash and dash = ROB who takes your money then runs

CBJ = covered blow job = BJ with condom

CC Rider = full service provider costing $200 or less


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